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We are proud of the work we do for our customers, and we are always in search of new customers and projects to pursue.

If you have a project or part you would like to have evaluated, please contact us with your requests, and we will prepare a free estimate for your review.
Automated Test Indicator
Prototype Die Transfer Assembly.
Minion Icing Insert Trays for Just Born Quality Confections.
Reactor Mixing Vessel
Microchip Support Frame for Arris.
Aluminum Support Weldment.
Prototype designed for Janssen Pharmaceuticals' McNeil division
Robotic arm assemblies for counter balance help with ergonomic problems in the workplace.
Prototype Pharmaceutical Press Assembly
Fluid Interchange Cabinet
Custom Metal Scrapping Blades.
Arkay is proud to work with many different companies and industries. Below is a list of some of our customers and the industries they represent.